Lake Baikal, situated in Siberia, is the largest and deepest lake on earth. It contains enough water to cover the whole globe in 20 cm of water. We want to be the first to cross this lake in the 700 km longitudinal direction solely on foot. We will walk on a 70 to 120 cm thick layer of ice. The best method to transport our baggage under these conditions is to use a special sled called a pulka. In this way both of us can eachpull 80 to 100 kg of equipment, clothing and food. The mean calculated expedition time is about 6 weeks, but we have scheduled another 2 weeks just to be on the safe side. Most people do not really understand why some people do such things voluntarily. There are several reasons.

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Impressions from lake baikal
Some nice pictures and impressions of the tour...

Home again
After 5 1/2 weeks we put our feet on german ground. Finally at home...

the tour
Phonecall from Lake Baikal
Stephan Reichelt called via satellite phone after trying to set up a call for 24 hours...

trial run
Trial run in the wintery Haukelifjell
After a long phase of preparation at long last on the 18th November 2002 Stephan and Stefan set off for their final great equipment test in Norway...

Berlin to Rügen on foot
Two students of sports master nine-day march to the Baltic Sea. A quick dash to Rügen in the car in summer? Stefan Wackerhagen and Stephan Reichelt had a different idea...


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